Don't Be An Angry Bird: Bulletin Board

"Don't Be An Angry Bird: Use "I" Statements"
I was on Pinterest ( and started looking for school counseling ideas. I came across a great idea for a bulletin board that incorporates "Angry Birds" and "I Statements." I'm quickly coming to the realization that the way you present ideas/lessons to students will great impact how much they pay attention and how they retain the information. This school year I've been changing out my bulletin board every month or two to display the character trait that we are focusing on as a school. The board is not very flashy and I seriously doubt that anyone notices when it changes. I decided to kick things up a few notches by making a bulletin board that will most certainly capture the attention of the students. I started by downloading pictures of the different angry birds and the pigs and then printed them off in color. Next I laminated them so that they would be more durable as the student brush up against bulletin board. I laminated several sheets of black construction paper for the pigs structure and laminated several sheets of green for the bottom (grass). Next I typed and laminated a title "Don't Be An Angry Bird." I typed up instructions on how to create/use an "I Statement" and then typed up a bunch of examples. I taped them onto construction paper, laminated and stapled them all over the bulletin board. Finally, I made a yellow sun and cut out blue clouds. I wanted to use blue paper for the background, but we didn't have any, so I used white. My challenge for you is to really think about what impact the bulletin boards you make will have on your students. Make sure they are eye-catching. Good luck!!


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